This mode is activated by pressing the pushbutton. An LED indicator beside the button
confirms this action.
Whether the start sequence is initiated by mains (utility) failure or by remote start input, the
following sequence is followed:
To allow for short term mains supply transient conditions or false remote start signals, the Start
Delay timer is initiated. After this delay, if the pre-heat output option is selected then the pre-heat
timer is initiated, and the corresponding auxiliary output (if configured) will energise.


The Model 701/702 is an Engine Control Module designed to control the engine via a key switch and
pushbuttons on the front panel. The module is used to start and stop the engine and indicate fault
conditions, automatically shutting down the engine and indicating the cause of failure by LED, giving
true, first up fault annunciation.
Model 702 has integral tamperproof LCD hours run counter to indicate total engine run time.


To start the generator turn the key switch to the hand position, which will power up the unit.
If at this time the auxiliary input is active the led will be illuminated, preventing the start of the generator.
Pressing the pre-heat button will energise the pre-heat output. Releasing the button will de-energise the output.
Pressing the start button will energise the Fuel Solenoid output, then the Starter Motor output. The button should be pressed for the duration of the crank period.