TLT owns the unique advantages of industries and private/ government organizations. TLT obtained recognition and trust of almost all the manufacturing / processing industries, private/ government organizations and undertook the challenging number of projects within and out of the country. TLT obtained a huge appreciation and support from the Industries, Universities, Students, OEM companies etc., from all over the world specially from, Pakistan, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, USA, Bangladesh, UAE, Iran, Philippine, etc.

The prime concern of the company is to manufacture digital displays for business and brands. We are revolutionizing the branding and communications through our end-to-end digital display solutions which consist of innovative user friendly software, hardware & content creation. Our two top product lines; LED scrolling boards and digital outdoor/indoor screens are pillars for next generation integrated digital-out-of home communications. The import, manufacturing, assembling, R&D now constitute a major wing of company’s operations.